January 22, 2013

Supplementing Your Life to Fulfillment

We want to be full. We want to be fulfilled. We want to be whole. Some of us have a difficult time accomplishing the big things. Some accomplish the big things, but the smaller things are neglected.

For me, the big things are: having an adult female companion - either a wife or girlfriend, though I'd prefer not to consider myself to be in the "dating" period of a relationship; having excellent health and physical stamina, much better than average for my age, with exercise as my only physical addiction; and I want to experience my day involved in interesting activities while simultaneously having my head free from the most pernicous of adult worries - money problems.

I could narrow the "interesting activities" down to actual specifics - like time spent studying math and physics, backpacking in the mountains and desert - but these activites are fairly mundane (although big for me) and not really my point. Suffice it to say that nothing that I'm interested in is going to make any headlines.

Getting Past OK by Richard Brodie

In any case, I once read a book called, Getting Past OK, by Richard Brodie. (And after reading it got into a lengthy online email discussion with the author about Calories and weight loss.) I think the book is worthwhile, though not essential, but the title is excellent. We have a tendency to reach the status of "okay", but moving beyond that to really having a fantastic life is often beyond us - and that's what this weblog is all about: supplementing our lives with everything from helpful bits of helpful information, to actual food supplements, and everything in between and surrounding.

I don't know where you are in your life. Maybe sex is your issue - it certainly can be a bit one if you don't have it. Perhaps you're the local bachelor, still looking to meet the right girl, or you're a woman who is fed up with men, yet still hoping to connect, but your local space seems to have run out of the good ones. (Here's a weblog about dating: Real Online Dating.) Maybe age is your issue. You look back at your adult life and realize that something has been missing. Or maybe you once had it, but you've lost it. But in some way, we all want to be made whole, we are not totally fulfilled.

Perhaps the ideas I share here, those things I find which I think may help, may be of some help to you as well.

Be aware that some of the sites to which I may be linking may be of a slightly adult nature. I'll try to steer clear of the "very adult" sites. Girl Casual is a site which just about maxxes out the adult level of content, so if that site doesn't bother you, you're probably okay. And then there's Freud's Flight, a fun interactive storyline which may have adult themes as well. However, though links out may be of a nature as adult (sexual, etc.) as those sites, none of the actual content here will be of that kind of adult nature.

And that's it...good reading!

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